Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Parable of the Poker Player

  Lance, an aspiring master Poker player, believed that winning was all about being able to tell when a opponent was bluffing. For hours, stretching to days and then weeks, he watched footage of future opponents to ascertain when they had been bluffing their way through a hand. 
  Lance commented, 'They would have betrayed themselves in various ways - circling a middle finger on the baize, raising a glass much more slowly than normal to take a sip, tilting a free hand straight up on its heel...'
  So now when Lance played, he would act upon all the knowledge that he had collated. But still he didn't progress beyond the semi-final stage in any tournament. 

  Perhaps if he had watched footage of himself, he might have spotted his own bluffing tic: a gentle flick at the card farthest right in his hand. 

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