Wednesday, 30 March 2016

What is it with Bodybuilders and this QUEST Malarkey?

  Bodybuilders often post about their 'quests'. As thought they might be Jason in charge of the Argonauts. Or Cpl Alleyn, Second Parachute Regiment, defying incident protocol in the midst of an insurgency attack to rescue an injured Iraqi child. Or Maria leading the Von Trapp children yodelling over the alps. 
  One of the prettier bodybuilders posted this today: Image maintenance is vital. When you take care of it you show that such details matter, and you exude that right genre of confident - the genre that will have the herd behind you!

 Tell that to Queen Victoria, big-boy...

  Late in her reign, Queen Victoria went to Covent Garden with Maria Christina, Queen Consort of Spain. Maria Christina was tall, slim and elegant; and according to one observer, Victoria looked quite homely and underdressed beside her.
  'And down in the stalls, might there have been sighs of regret for our monarch as she stood at the front of the royal box much in the shadow of the Spanish Queen Consort?' 
  But not for long. Because as the National Anthem came to an end, Maria Christina looked round to double-check before she took her seat, whereas Queen Victoria simply dumped herself straight down on hers.  She was confident that if her chair had not been where it ought, there would have been hell to pay. 
 The sighs of regret in the stalls turned to smiles of pride. 

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