Saturday, 9 July 2016

Overly au-fait with a Fairy - a Thought on The Sleeping Beauty

 In each of the productions of this ballet that I've seen over thirty years, the courtiers have always seemed unfazed at the arrival of the six fairies and have shown a total lack of wonder at the gifts the fairies bring to bestow on Princess Aurora.
  'Oh, look: it's fairy herself again. Flying in from a mythical realm to bestow the Gift of Grace. And her, bringing Temperament. Her with her Plenty. Song, a heads up to the workings of fate, her always last bringing the gift of undoing the evil fairy's curse. Oh, not death, apparently, just a hundred year sleep. Fancy. Think I'll have a look in my party bag, see what I can swap with Lord Rochefort. Inhale helium out of a balloon. Quelle surprise - brioche to take home in a napkin...'

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