Saturday, 25 February 2017

Essex Book Festival 31/3 and Hippodrome Countdown to April 3rd. Diary 6

  Call me soon, mother dear, for I'm to be Queen of Saturday Live, Radio 4.
  9am March 4th, with Lee Mack.
  I was on the phone to the producer, Steven, for forty two minutes; he kindly worried for my phone bill and offered to ring me back on the Beeb's dime.  Other than the book coming out in a minute, he never mentioned any other hooks for my being guest on the programme.  Just asked questions and either giggled or sharply intook breath at my answers.
  So I thought I must sidestep quoting Hercules Ease, Prettiest Boy of 9th Squadron, Camp Bastion.  When I told Herc in June 2006 that I was going on Woman's Hour to be crowned Forces' Sweetheart, he wanted to know why I was mentioning him on Woman's anything when he was a bloke.
  'What is it, exactly, Eddie?'  He called me Eddie, never making it to Iestyn.
  'Magazine programme, Radio 4.'
  'Eddie, I'm just an honest joe.  My magazines are Men's Health, FHM and Nuts.  And who knew that radio went all the way up to number 4?'

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