Sunday, 10 December 2017

Christmas is a Lie...

...Don't tell it to yourself.

  I'm in the middle of writing my second book; tiredness, anxiety and vulnerability are making me blurt out 'Why would they...?'
  Why would people walk round the Meare, which is looking bleak and frozen and exceptionally pretty under its sky?  Why would people go to works/family/church, etc, parties? Why would anyone go to a pantomime/TheNutcracker/Midnight Mass? Why would anyone make a sleeping dachshund out of marzipan?
   And what are they smiling at?

  One semi-serious why: why no Christmas advertising campaigns aimed at the single? Single occupancy households are in the majority. Haven't the manufacturers ever heard of capitalism?
  No.  The single you see in an advert is always a depressed male, the easy prey of either a visit from the Salvation Army or relatives (surprise!) from an opposite hemisphere.  You will see the disappointment in spite of himself. Now he can't stay in his pyjamas all day, eat sage and onion stuffing with marmite gravy and watch Cirque de Soleil while having a wank for baby Jesus.

  Scrooge had it almost right before he went to the bad/good. He kept Christmas in his own way, staying away from the alcohol-fuelled, debt-and-obesity inducing, untested bonhomie. He went on as normal - his normal
  There was one thing only the Spirits needed to change.
  That Scrooge never helped others.

   Helping others is what made him happy. And that's a year-round thing.

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Monday, 4 December 2017

Winter Solstice Plans

  In the Co-Op today, a member of staff was pushing a trolley filled with Ritz Crackers, liver sausage, breadsticks and gin. She explained to a colleague, 'Doing Mrs Truscot's shopping. Only got a couple more things to find.  It's for her usual outing on the 21st to the burial mound.'

Thursday, 30 November 2017

The Nothing...

  It happened again.  I got the clean up-buzz, but then the slump into anxiety and from there the fall to
  Does this happen to everyone when they tidy their kitchen cupboards and spritz them with Vim?

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Sunday, 19 November 2017

My First My First Tutu/Tiara/Ballet Slippers...

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  Wednesday the 22nd, 7.15, Crouch End Waterstones. 7.15.  £400 to include a glass of wine.  May not be able to wear my bigger, kite-wired, tutu as I might get stuck dancing in that between Crime and Biography.  Someone eagle eyed noticed that I was wearing the smaller-skirted of my two tutus at Leiston Library, whereas I'd worn the flouncier one in Aldeburgh.  Why?
  Because I had to walk across country to Leiston and the bigger tutu only fits in a wheelie case, which I couldn't of course drag over the golf course.  And if I'd carried it in plain air, it might have worried the pigs.
  Below is George Martin who I must thank for checking all the Marines' training details in the book. There he is listening to the audiobook I've just recorded, in case I'd let what he calls, 'Fluffy ideas creep back in, Iestyn...'

  Give him a follow on Instagram, do:  @gfpmartin

Monday, 9 October 2017

Overheard on my Walk

  There's a sign, where you get off the abandoned railway line path and into the forest. No Right For Horses.
  Two people today were puzzling over the sign today.  Looking both ways on the path, one said, 'But surely it depends from which direction the horse is approaching if that's a right turn or left?'

Friday, 29 September 2017