Friday, 26 August 2016

Letter from a Yak - Gerard, really?

  Gerard has been at it again.  Noah, one of his young cousins, has adopted a yak. And the yak sends Noah letters. Gerard has started sending Noah letters from the yak 

    Dear Noah,
  I skip around coffee plantation clippy-cloppy today and sit now under tree to writing at you.  I have yesterday before some days collect from post office box your lovely present, which I have eated.  Would you like some of it as dried droppings sent back to you, keep-safe?  Send more money immediate right now for yak-butted injury orphans.  I have made quite many of those. As for photo you asking for, I need know you are genuine because many yaks adopted here have send photo, and then get letters back from people say they lie down on settee with photo and dirty touch theyselves.
  Love (but not in dirty-touch way) Yan Yak. 
  PS  Up the Red Cross! 

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