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The Wolf in the Poang Chair

    More thoughts on money - and being actually skint!   Mr Micawber said, 'Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds, nineteen and six, result happiness.   Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.'   Which is all you need to know, and to abide by.     Money can be such a misery we try to pretend that it's other things - credit cards, stocks and shares, the ever-so-pretty sounding hedge fund.     And m oney-misery is universal, even for the fabulously wealthy.  As I remember the story, in the late fifties Maria Callas sang on  Granada at Eight  wearing half a million dollars of her own diamonds.   During the live TV broadcast, a brooch fell from her stole.  In time with the music and chiming with the drama, she retrieved the brooch and refastened it.   Afterwards, she waited anxiously to meet the TV company's chief executive, Sidney Bernstein.    'Oh, thank God, you're here!' she greete

Weekly Round-Up

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How to Win at Gilbert and Sullivan

  Don't ask me, I was disqualified from the competition!

My Tutu Trailer 2 - Test your smoke alarm and make stickless microwave Peche Melba

I'm Inaugurating, Madame - Where do you want me? front of what they call in Germany 'my so interesting background kitchenette'?Okay.   I had to film a social-distance tenant's inspection for my letting agents, so thought I would use it as a trailer for July 15th - not 14th as inaccurately stated in the video - when I will be the East Suffolk combined WI's first ever Zoom speaker.   Zoomer? Speamer? Zeaker? Needs a term...   Do please have a watch, like, subscribe.

Paulus YouTube Vlog - 'I have my own shelf at the library...' Do follow the above for a giggle...