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My #gayface on Sunset Boulevard

Thank you Magnus Hastings...this will be shown in June on three billboards along Sunset Boulevard. I am chuffed - CHUFFED!
  The Royal Marine says he's buying shares in LA car insurance...

  Full galleries and print info:


Five Stars from the Book of the Year's Adam Kay

Does my undertaking look big in this? 

'A book unlike any other, of a story unlike any other. Totally mad, very funny and highly recommended.' ***** Adam Kay.   Author of runaway international bestseller, This is Going to Hurt. The Nation's Favourite Book.

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Countdown to Derby Book Festival

Two audience members recently asked my favourite ever questions: 'Would you please come and repeat this talk at the Two Rivers Festival' and 'I know it would make it the third time, but please bring the tutu talk back to Wilderness?  I like watching you walk new punters into your jokes...'
  And, punter two added, watch them wonder from the off, How on earth? Why on earth? Who on earth? What on earth? Falling in love with Stacks, the Royal Marine, as they go.
  'Because it is, when all is said and done, the most out there Brom-Com. Two inter-hating polar opposites - front line, browbeating Royal Marine, gabby variety turn - getting to be the best of friends.'

  Question to be answered in Derby: Why does Stacks call me the Daisy Ashford of war-reportage?

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Easter Saturday at Henham Barns

Thrilled to be hosting this event in the Henham Barns in aid of Suffolk charities.  A bill of headliners, bill of fare to include woodfired pizzas and local booze.
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Wagner Nights

In June, I'm going to be in an opera for the first time in over half my lifespan.  In three concert performances of Valkyrie, I'm singing Hunding. I'm trying to keep the Anna Russell's Guide to the Ring out of it.  And any thoughts of my parents and their inter-competitive singing careers.  After she sang along once too often at one of his Country and Western gigs, he held her head underwater in the sink in among the after Sunday roast crockery soak.
  We'd had lamb.  I'd been sent round as usual to ask Welsh Lil for some fresh mint from her plant out on the balcony.

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"He Was Exactly the Right Size for the Venue" and Other Audience Reactions

These have been collected at theatres and forwarded on:

  He was exactly the right size for the venue.
  I forgot to ask how the goats delayed his tutu beading.
  He does like his carrots!
  His writing is like very dark Jilly Cooper.
  I suppose at his age he has no choice.
  There is actually a direct bus here from Abergavenny, should he be told?
  What an interesting racial mix he is - we thought half maori, half jewish.
  Does the Virgin Mary really wear espadrilles?
  I think I might have seen something a bit like him once.
  He'll either have to sort the accent, or move that Marine from Manchester.
  I'm so pleased we stuck to our guns and wouldn't give him the keys to the CD player.
  He coped very well against the sounds of Margaret in the kitchen with her doings.
  This was a risk for new committee members. We'll decide at the next meeting if it paid off.
  He coped brilliantly with the corrugated iron having been peeled away just above the performing area. …

Barney is My Darling

This is Barney.  He has to be kept on a lead on the beach because A: He thinks all cars are sheep and hurls himself at them from fifty yards away.  B:  Last winter, he ran into the sea, set off swimming and only ran out again at Sizewell.  Meanwhile, his owner walked along the surf line coaxing and cajoling the whole three miles.