Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Joys of Unexpected Things

   This is - guess - more advice from my passive-aggressive screw-up of a future self.  'What would you never usually react favourably to, Iestyn?  Well - point out the joy in it today with an exclamation of rapt delight!'

  'Oh, look, hoorah, lock-off cameras!'
  'How glorious, see, window cleaning in progress!'
  'Woohoo, its stock-taking day at the book shop!'
  'Larks a mercy, it's the Pinney's Oysters Van!'
  'My day in the hills, they've painted the wrong colour around that drainpipe!'
  'The Wifi is deliciously,  deliciously slow!'
  'How divine, darling, Judge Judy episodes are only available on YouTube posted in little onscreen boxes, with leaves falling around, played at the wrong speed!'
  'Yippee, I'm still owed nearly three grand after two years and am about to resort to small claims myself!'



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