Sunday, 10 July 2016

Booked up till the Tube Map...

  My singing teacher, Pamela, joined a book club that met at the library. During the first meeting she was ticked off for an opinion. She said that she was so entitled to any opinion she chose to have, she would repeat that unpopular one right now: here we go...
  The organiser of the club found it tricky to commit to a second meeting. 'The week in question my wife and I have a concert, preceded by the concert insight afternoon - with tea. The following day we're watching a masterclass. There'll be drinks after that, possibly some nibbles. Then there's another concert, preceded again by the insight afternoon - also with tea. The next night we have drinks at the Simpson's and dinner at the Lighthouse. The following day we have lunch with the Minsmere wardens, tea with the Giles's and dinner with the Bishop of Dunwich. Actually, I've just seen I might be able to make the next evening...'
  'I can't,' Pamela said. 'I've got brunch with the Queen of Denmark, lunch with the Pope and in the evening I'm singing solo Bach Cantatas at St John's, Smith Square.'
  I'd warned her that she wouldn't like being in that book club.

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