Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Leavers' Reasons...

  One woman in Aldeburgh, in a cotton dress, pumps and and editor's green visor, said that she really hadn't used Europe in such a long time. There had been that Easter when she and Rima - did I know Rima? - were eighteen and hitchhiked through Italy. Oh, no, nothing to worry about: two experienced Catholic girls were always going to have an instinct about getting into a car. She supposed they'd seen a lot of beautiful things. But, really, since meeting her late husband - had I known her late husband? - she'd been more of a West Indies girl and hadn't really found much further use for Europe. So she voted 'leave'.
  To adapt an old gag: more St Barts than St Ockholm. 
  The second leaver is a house-keeper who tells me that the various landlords she works for will now have to pay her a decent wage.  Access will dry up to all the Lithuanian cheap labour coming over to work as cleaners - so called - and who will insist on bleaching everything.
  And there's Scotty-Roy, a PT, model and bouncer, who gives cam shows on Skype. He charges ten pounds a minute for semi-nude posing and hopes that the single market will now be applied to the internet. He is forever being undercut by Romanians who charge a flat fiver to show actual bumhole. 

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