Friday, 15 January 2016

Psychic Reading - the Shining One coming through

  I mentioned Therese's dead father. 
  'We don't say dead, Iestyn,' said Therese, with that laugh that matches her farts.
  'Deceased,' I tried again.
  'Nor that word. So Public Record office.'
  I was ready with: 'vitally-functionally-challenged' when Therese said, 
  'He is a shining one, who has fulfilled the karmic implications of this present existence and modulated to a higher plane of vibration.  On this higher plane we leave behind the body-functional and spin on a rebirthed spiritual axis, giving out a lilac light and making the most quiveringly pleasant humming noise. For your further information and interest, I went to see my psychic this very today and dad came through. He has a new job on the other side, tending the gardens for the children to play in, whose souls have gone over early. Just now he's sowing in hardy annuals.'
  And all I could think of was: if there are no bodily functions on this higher plane, what's her dad doing for manure to dig in?

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