Friday, 26 February 2016

My Tutu Went AWOL! Ready to Pre-Buy


Click to pre-buy for self, family, friends, loathed ones...

  Great to catch up with Rupert Durrant, who I first met when he was eighteen and rowing Beccy Oliver around the Meare in Thorpeness, conniving to take her onto the most deserted of the islands.  A marketing guru these days his thoughts on the crowdfunding campaign for my book were that I need to get across that the act succeeded out in Iraq and Afghanistan against all the odds. Cannings off from squaddies, death by camel spider, insurgency attack, I braved them all. 
  'I remember when you did Madame Galina for the Marmalader's at the Lighthouse the year I was Commodore,' Rupert said. 'Your performance then could have gone either way. What am I saying - it did go either way. Sneath wanted Madame Galina to have his children; Tedder had a panic attack and left. Once he'd refitted his wooden leg.' 
  The thing is how to turn that comment into a sales pitch...

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