Thursday, 18 February 2016

Shameless Self-Plug


  No, the shameless self-plug is not that technique I learned while I was doing cabaret at the sexual health and lifestyle exhibition Sexpo UK...
  It's this: at 9am tomorrow, Friday 19th of February, I'll be the guest on Soho Radio. Songs I love, anecdotes about the performing business. 

  Soho Radio

  I'm being interviewed by Nina Davis. She was studying at the Guildford School of Acting when I was a singing tutor there, and remembers when I coached Rania al Kurdi to perform "The Lonely Goatherd" the Method Acting way. 

  Here that is...

  "The Lonely Goatherd" will my opening song choice for the Soho Radio programme because it was the first song I learned to sing. Picture this: Christmas. I'm four. It's four in the morning. I'm more than half way through my Cadbury's Selection Stocking. My parents are seriously regretting that they've bought me the record and the sing along book to The Sound of Music because I've had "The Lonely Goatherd" on repeat play for forty-five minutes. My mother will eventually put a stop to me - welsh tweed dressing-gown, mules blinged with tinsel - by spiking my Snickers with temazepam. 
  I's exaggerated. But then, everything has to be for radio. 
  Ha ha ha...everything has to be exaggerated for...
  I won't tell the other, completely invented childhood story of my mother ringing the Pennines Police and saying yes, she understood it was a long shot, but if Myra Hindley got bail, might she be available for babysitting work?
  But please tune in or listen online later to hear what I will say. About scuppering the ark when I was Sem in Britten's Noye's Fludde.  Mrs Spinoza always asking me to leave housecraft lessons if there was sifted flour in the offing. Against the MOD's express instructions becoming mascot to 42 Commando Royal Marines in Kabul. 
  That last anecdote, by the way, is from my forthcoming book My Tutu's Gone AWOL! which Unbound Books are publishing, all the launch fandango material to be curated by More on

  Gosh - It couldn't have been sexier typing the above about my book coming out and the involvement of Getclipcrowd, if I had been using that technique I learned at Sexpo UK...

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